FAAN Evidence

We are a nationwide network focused on removing barriers and increasing support for students with experience in foster care pursuing higher education. We focus on sharing learning and promoting best practices in policy and programming to improve the field of foster care and higher education.

What happens when students with experience in foster care are supported in higher education:

With campus based support programs and Chafee funds

College persistence increases for students with experience in care (via CALYouth Study)

Without support

Lower percentages of students with experience in foster care obtain academic achievement and higher percentages face homelessness and poverty (via CALYouth study Chaplin Hall, page 145)

With supportive extension of foster care policies

After age 18, research shows an increase in academic attainment of about 4% for students with experience in foster care (via CALYouth Study, page 16)

Without support

Historically, young adults who age out of care enroll in college at a rate of 25% compared to that of 41% of the general population (via Foster Club)

Our evidence & documents

This report explores the impact of SAP standards and policies on financial aid receipt and enrollment of first-year Pell Grant recipients attending a California Community College with specific attention to students of color and those with experience in foster care. It also offers federal, state, and institutional-level recommendations to increase...
Graduating from college is a life-transforming achievement for young people with foster care backgrounds. This memo provides an early look at factors that promote or stymie college degree completion by around age 23 of youths transitioning to adulthood from the foster care system. [Read the article here] What We Did...
Foster Success has worked to take the data further and break it down by county and school corporation. The results show that gaps in educational outcomes for foster youth persist and are present statewide regardless of the student’s age, race, gender, ethnicity, or location.

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